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New! Offering Stones Just for Babies! Full Moon Offering Stones Special Treat for Young Entities!


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Offered here is a stone that has been created during a full moon ritual. Just one of these stones will recharge, renew and even heighten magickal abilities of your spirit for at least one year.

We made this special...One stone has the correct amount of energy to renew and to recharge any baby entity. They can be of any race, gender, white, gray or dark arts. Babies are young and these stones help them maintain their energy levels to they can communicate with and manifest to you easier!

When any of your beloved babies or young entities are set near stone is more then just a recharge of energy...It's an offering that your young entity will love. They will thrive with all this energy and will adore you for being so kind. If your spirit adores you then you know blessings will be given and given often. A well loved and well taken care of spirit brings their keeper great gifts!

Use this before they are sent on a task and reward with this when they return.

One stone can be used to charge all your spirits. However if you wish to use it as a main means of offering for your spirit then each spirit should have their own. Although spirits will share the offering we all know they secretly desire their own.

Your stone will come with a bag for storage and can be used to do the recharging in. The easy to do instructions will be emailed to you.

The stone you receive will vary in type, color and size. I will choose a nice one for you! For a small amount more we offer the same ability on a bead. The bead can be worn on bracelets or necklaces right next to your Gods and or Royals

Quantities are limited so spoil your spirit today!

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