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New Full Moon 3X Cleopatra Spell Of Charisma, Beauty, Wit, Anti-Aging and Love


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This is newly cast and ready to make the wearer as enchanting just as Cleopatra!

Cleopatra is a timeless women who has been celebrated throughout the years. All her charisma, charm, allure and beauty have been cast upon this vessel.

This spell is a full coven, full coven custom 3X casting that is perfect for a woman or a man. This is on of the most powerful youth, love and beauty spells ever!

If you have desired to be long for, to be desired, to be noticed, to be remembered and to just be stunningly beautiful then this spell is for you.

We have channeled every positive trait of Cleopatra and are offering it to one lucky person.

The possibilities of who you can enchant are endless. You can use this spell to find lovers or just to find true love. It can be used to put the spark back in your love life as well as renew old flames.

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The amulet is a lovely delicate silver colored pendant with a pale pink stone.

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