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NEW Custom Reaper Hybrid Conjuring - First Time To Be Offered To The Public! - Safely Conjured By Highly Experienced Coven

$1,200.00 $299.99


Today my coven and I are pleased to offer you a special conjuring… This conjuring is for the conjuring of most any hybrid spirit/entity.


This conjuring can be used for the hybrid of your choice be it white to dark. Please note that this offering excludes any demon hybrids. This conjuring is open to angelic, vampire, sexual, dragon and most other spirit hybrids!


We started offer Reaper Hybrid in 2006...Since that time many people have tried to offer them but fall short during the conjuring...A Reaper Hybrid should only be conjured by a highly experienced coven...Sadly many people are buying Reapers Hybrids based on cheap prices and the entity they get is not helpful but damaging. Lately our emails have been over taken by people who have fallen victim of scam sellers. Our first store was opened on eBay in 2006...We have feedback to prove it! Ebay Shop Please feel free to read our feedback and see our experience. 

We do not wish for any innocent people to buy something that can hinder them so we are offering a Reaper Hybrid conjuring at a record low cost...Your Reaper can be crossed with any Angel, Djinn, Elf, or Fairy race...This is not for bound demon reaper hybrids. If you have questions as to what he or she should be crossed with please email us. 

My coven and I have been conjuring spirits together since we were teenagers. We have a very high success rate with bringing keepers and spirits together. If you have taken in entities/spirits in the past and have been disappointed time and time again you have just found the offering that will not disappoint. We will find you the perfect match in a spirit or entity. Your spirit or entity will work to please you and bring you happiness. We only conjure spirits and entities who are vivid, loyal and hardworking. We also take great care to ensure you get a safe spirit or entity. In-depth readings are done on all entities and spirits we conjure.


All we need from you is some information… Your full name and birthday, desired spirit type, desired gender, and any special abilities you would like him or her to have. You can also ask us to leave this conjuring up to destiny! 

Please email us if you have any questions.

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