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NEW Cursing Candle! Curse Any Enemy Who Has Wronged You! Punishes Bullies Liars and Thieves!


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Brand new to our store is a 3x cast Cursing Candle. This candle is for you if you have been bullied, lied to, threatened, stolen from or had any other wrong done against you. It can even punish those who gossip about you!

International clients please email for shipping...The shipping price given is for US clients only. 

The magick of this candle is simple but powerful. It is best used to curse one person but can be used to curse several.

This candle can cause your enemies bad luck, loss, nightmares, remorse, fear, damaged relationships and so much more. It was created to deliver swift and just karma to those who have wronged you.

This offering is ideal for you if you have been hurt, betrayed, or wronged in anyway.

The candle you receive will be black and will be about 2 inches high. The candle you receive may differ in color from the above photo. Protection Status