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NEW! Bonding Recharging Box - The Original Do It All Box For All Spells, Spirits and Entities

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These are the latest casting of these popular boxes. They are very roomy compared to previous boxes. They are part wood and part cloth. Some boxes may have slight imperfections. They are about 4" x 2 1/2" and over 2" deep. They can hold a lot of jewelry! My coven and I put a lot of time and care into creating these magickal boxes. We work hard to ensure you are 100% happy. These boxes have slight flaws so they are priced super low...They may be flawed but still function perfect!

This is a very important spiritual tool that can bring out the best in any spirit and renew all your spelled items as well. 

I also created this box to be used as a bonding box for your spirits. 24 hours within this box will help build strong bonds between your spirits. Once these bonds have been sealed your spirits will reside and work together in harmony to bring you magick that is greater in power and faster. This box can be very useful when you have spirits from other sellers. It can also help bring spirits of light and dark together. Each will merge energies and grow respect for one another. 

When not in use as a bonding box it also works as a fast recharging box for both spirits and spelled items. 

A charging box is useful for us as we all can get busy and during those times some of our spirits grow weak. The box offered today will not only charge their energy but can improve a spirits magickal abilities making them stronger then before. 

Your spirits and spells will be stronger then normal with a high spiritual energy... 

What I offer is much more then just your run of the mill charging box...I offer a rare box that charges and brings a closeness within your spiritual family. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

The box used is a nicely made wood box. The box is about 3" x 2" and 3/4" deep. This box that will hold many vessels. 

Thank you for looking!