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New! Baby Ivory Dragons - Lovable Magickal Entities Waiting Just For You!



Today we are pleased to bring you your choice of either a male or female baby Ivory Dragon.


The Ivory Dragon is a hybrid of a Western Gold Dragon and a Western White Dragon. They are a diverse race who have inherited the best qualities from each of their parents!


Each baby in this offering has an abundance of untapped magickal potential. They are born knowing everything they need to know to survive, now all that they need is a loving keeper who will allow them to grow!


Below you will find a short list of this race’s main magickal gifts.


Bringing Wealth


Promoting beauty and youth


Boosting confidence


Seeking justice


Casting most spells on behalf of their keeper


Promoting career success


Offering protection


Bringing luck


And more!


I will send you some info on your new baby including their name and age.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for looking. 

Thank you for looking. Protection Status