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New! Baby Carmine Dragons*Hybrid Entities that Bring Safe Personal Gain & Happiness



Today my coven and I are pleased to give you the opportunity to bring a loving young entity into your life. You are now offered the choice between a male or female baby Carmine Dragon!


Carmine Dragons are a rare race of Western Dragon. They are hybrids of Red and Green Dragons. Being hybrids means that they are diverse and will have a combination of abilities that no other race will possess!


Bringing a baby dragon into your life gives you the opportunity to watch a young entity grow into a powerful force! Your Carmine Dragon has already proven itself to be powerful and able to weave an array of magicks…. All they need is a keeper that will allow them to work and strengthen their abilities!


Being hybrids, your new Carmine Dragon is capable of bringing the following plus more!

Removing negative barriers

Granting wishes

Relieving stress

Increasing will power

Gifting keeper with foresight

Bringing intuition

Granting empathic abilities

Attracting wealth

Aiding in gambling

Aiding in earning money

Aid in investing

Manipulating your enemies


And more!


They are ready to being working with their new keepers…. Their ways of communicating vary from baby to baby and we will send you how they communicate, manifest, and their names.


Their vessels vary but most are bound to glass beads or stone pendants. There are other vessel options if you prefer something different. Protection Status