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Arios Dragon Hybrid - Red and Black Gives Psychic Sight - Lowest Price Ever



Up or your consideration is one of four baby arios dragons. This race is very rare and is a very magickal dragon.


Each baby has been worked with and have chosen their life and each wishes to spend it with a loving human keeper.



While they are young dragons they still possess the same magick as any adult dragon. It simply has not matured yet.



Meditation with them has been a pleasure! During meditation each has a manifested. So far orbs have been most common. In true form each is just adorable and each has huge dark eyes...I believe them to be the most beautiful of dragons.


They range in age from 12 to 24 months. They are young but magickal. They just need some guidance and love. 



I did a in depth reading on each and have found a kind hearted personable dragons who possesses great magickal abilities. They are very hard workers who want to please.


Their magick leans towards gray but your new dragon will follow your heart and take the path you wish him/her to. Their telepathic communication is very advanced and very impressive.



I have worked with a few mixed dragons and I have noticed the Red/Black mix passes on visions. These are psychic visions of the future and are very useful for stopping negative future events.This is highly impressive for any dragon and very helpful to her lucky keeper.



Your new dragon will be a loyal server who will love and honor you forever. He or she will be your greatest protector and bind all enemies while breaking down obstacles that hold you back from true happiness and success. They are dragons that are capable of life altering magick and once with you he or she will bring things like luck, empowerment, psychic visions, success, renewed life and love to you and your family.



Each has chosen a life among humans and they eagerly await you. Once you two are together and seal your bond every aspect of your life may change for the better.


Please choose the gender you wish to work with or allow me to choose the best match for me!



I will reveal his/her name to you and also send a simple bonding.




Thank you for looking. Protection Status