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Negativity Reversal Spell - Undo Damage Done by Daily Hardships



Life has a tendency to throw a good deal of negativity in the way of innocent people.


Loss of job, break-ups, fighting among friends/family, emotional abuse, being bullied, and experiencing trauma are among the various thing that you may have encountered or may be currently being encountered in your life. These things can lead a person to have low energy, degraded self-esteem, a poor outlook and any number of things.


What my coven and I offer today is a pre-cast spell that helps you rise above the negative occurrences in your life.


It is a simple spell that can do so much… It is a simple repair spell that reverses damage occurred in daily life. You will find yourself uplifted, more positive, energetic, and overall happier.


This is a basic repair spell that helps restore you to a happier state.


Please note that this is not a curse removal or an aura repair spell. It is a spell created by harnessing positive energy and once this spell merges with your aura you will begin to see results. 

It will come cast on a stone unless you request a different vessel. This is a triple cast spell but we are offering it for a very low price in hopes that it makes a positive difference in the world. Protection Status