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Male Naga Guides Low Level Entities To Full Power - Helps Keeper With Beauty, Body, and Weight Issues

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Today we offer a newly conjured male Naga...He is ideal in all ways...He has a perfect energy, powerful magick, and a complete devotion to making his keeper happy.

In true form he manifests as a long slightly shimmering maroon snake with large black eyes. He has manifested most often as shadows and faint streaks of reddish orange light. His keeper may also feel temperature changes.

He is a very powerful magick enhancer and spell booster...He can boost any precast spells level and make slow manifesting spells manifest faster.. If you keeper younger or lower level entities he can guide them to power and greatness.He can bring out the best in your spirit family and help them work together to make your life a magickal one.

Another one of his impressive abilities is beauty and body magick...He can help create a whole new and more fit you!

His main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Giving keeper motivation

~Aiding in weight loss and muscle gain

~Helping keeper with possess a nice figure

~Enhancing physical stamina

~Boosting magick cast by you and for you

~Boosting power of your spirits

~Providing protection

His best means of communication are through emotions, telepathy, and lucid dreams. 

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

If you have any questions please email me.

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