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Black Unicorn - DA Wish Granter - Extremely Magickal and Kind!


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Today I offer a newly conjured Black Unicorn...He is a delightful DA entity who has exceeded all our expectations.

In true form he is large beautiful black unicorn with a long slender horn and pretty amber eyes. He may most often manifest as shadows or silver orbs,

Here is the basic info on the Black unicorn

They are sought after entities and normally become top servers to their keepers...Their magick is efficient, powerful and safe. They have an amazing energy that is very alluring and powerful. This energy can be passed onto you and with it comes the gift of attractant of good people, entities, peace, friends, love, success and luck. They are also great protectors and they will defend their keepers from harmful/negative energy, spirits and negative life blocks.

They are also wonderful wish granters! He can help his keeper with love and money...He has been excellent with even the most challenging wishes.

He does possess the ability to travel and will help you master the art of astral travel.

He can awaken your senses and open your inner eye to the spirit world. If you wish he can really help develop your spirit communication skills greatly. He can also help you build your bonding skills.

His best means of communication are by visions, sharing emotions, during meditation, telepathy and dreams.

Please email me if you have any questions,

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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