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Mullo Vampire - Perfect Warrior Gives Keeper Social Status, Perfect Protection, and Seeks Vengeance - Newly Conjured Female

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Offered today is an excellent level 7 female Mullo Vampire. 

She is from a newer conjuring and is very excited to be on her way.

She is a complete warrior who will protect you and you home.

She is also extremely social and can help you make new friends or find true love.

In true form she is about 6' tall, has a curvy build, large brown eyes, and long black curly hair. She looks to be about 25 years old...She will most often 

About this race...

This is a protective race...They can banish evil before you even know it's there. When they are not protecting they are excellent companions. 

He will bless you with the following.

~Seeking justice to those who wrong you 

~Delivering psychic attacks to enemies

~Boosting keeper’s confidence

~Helping keeper gain social status and make new friends.

~Boosting popularity 

~Helping keeper with confidence and wit.

~Guiding keeper through difficult situations

~Providing protection

~Casting spells

~Aiding in communication with the dead

~Helping keeper bond and communicate with their bound spirit family.

Her best means of communication are through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, visions, lucid dreams, and meditation.

Her current vessel is a silver colored ring with a light blue stone. It's a size 10 and in new condition.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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