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Most Powerful Of Inner Eye Opening - Psychic, Medium and Spirit Communication 3X Cast Spell

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This bracelet is perhaps the most powerful spell we offer. This shall open you up to a new world of knowing and understanding. This amulet offers life altering gifts that include the ability to make predictions through dreams, meditation and visions.

You will also be blessed with...

Enhance knowledge and wisdom.
The ability find and keep financial opportunity.
Open your 3rd eye for better more vivid spiritual sight.
Strengthen and enhance you're psychic abilities.
Attract lovers, build confidence and promote desire/lust.
Awaken weak entities and enhance spells.
Enhance communication all of well meaning spirits, including humans.
Strengthen divination skills.
Possess psychic ability on a deep level.
Allow you to communicate with your spirit guides.
Enhance spiritual growth.
To pull in positive energy from the world around you.
To find lost items.
Better and more vivid astral projection.
Brings the wearer feelings of peace and happiness.
This spell also protect you from all forms of evil.
This spell was cast to work in harmony with you and your mind. It will not overwhelm your senses. It will adjust as you adjust and grow with you. This a blujay magick orignial and can be found on our website only 
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
The bracelet we used is a nicely made silver colored cuff bracelet. 

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