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Mojo Wish Beans ~ Simple Magick for Simple Wishes with Powerful Result - Great for Luck!


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Mojo wishing beans are a favorite amongst believers of VooDoo because of their magickal properties!

VooDoo Sabine enhanced these Mojo Wishing beans herself with her magick. 

What you will receive is three of the spelled Mojo Wishing Beans. These beans are spelled to bring luck to the person who carries them and to grant wishes! 

People who have utilized these spells before have seen wishes of luck, love, money, success, happiness and other wishes granted. 

Each bean equals one wish, or you can carry these lucky beans with you to constantly bring you luck and good fortune! They are often ideal to carry in your mojo bag to add a bit of extra power. 

These are ideal for someone with simple wishes that need to be granted who don’t wish to needlessly spend money on more complex spells. If you believe that your wish may be complex, please email us and we will help you decide if the beans are right for you!

We will send instructions on the use of the Mojo Wishing Beans.  Please note that these cannot be a direct casting as the magickal properties are enhanced within the beans. Protection Status