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Millionaire Maker Sphere! New Full Coven, Full Moon 3X Casting!

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We are very excited to offer our new full coven casting of our most powerful money spell to date.

Today we offer you a Money Drawing Sphere!

This lovely green  sphere is heavily and safely spelled to bring the possessor money, social success, job promotions, recognition and massive good luck in all you do.

Find the success and ease of life you have always longed for!

These are very time consuming to cast and for best results must be cast under a full moon. This is a bluJay Magick Original.

To use is simple...Hold your sphere, let it warm to your touch, and while doing so envision you living the life you dream of. In your mind picture money and success being yours..Picture yourself owning your dream house, driving your dream care and being celebrated by others. This is a blujay magick original!

You do not have to carry this sphere...Just handle is daily and handle is especially before you need good luck.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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