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Male Hell Hound Of Perfect Power - Dark Warrior and Guardian Capable Of Chaos Justice Magick!

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Today we offer one the best protectors any keeper could ever hope for...He is the perfect Hellhound who offers perfect companionship and perfect safety. 

He will be completely devoted, caring, kind, and very obedient. 

He will start protecting you near instantly.

In true form he is a large canine like entity, black in color, has large red eyes, and has a flaming red aura. He will most often manifest as  canine shaped shadows and large glowing red orbs. You may also hear him on the move, especially at night when he guards your home. 

He will be your most loyal protector and will quickly remove anything that even thinks of harming you! Please note that he will not banish your dark art spirit or entity family...He is highly intelligent and knows who belongs. 

A trusted Hellhound can be a loving companion to their keeper. You will be protected from evil as well as bad karma.

He can protect you from psychic attacks, mind readers, energy drainers, and mind control. 

He will act only on command so please never make a command in haste. Always think each request through!

He will appear as a nightmare to your enemies and to those who seek to harm you. If someone has wronged you and you seek vengeance he is open to suggestions as what should happen to them. 

Hellhounds are the greatest and perhaps the most frightening of all protectors. They are very cunning and cleaver...

What the keeper of this Hellhound can expect is a loyal guardian who will put a shield of protection around you and your loved ones/family. They are also capable of psychic attacks that can be devastating to those deserving.

A Hellhound will never stops and will never lose. 

By taking him into your life you will have the best protection from all things harmful. You will be free to live a blessed, happy and secure life.

You give the rules and limits and he will them follow. He will take any path you wish him to. He will protect anything that has any meaning to you. This includes people, your spirit family and even your pets

He can become your most trusted, psychic and magickal familiar who can influence others. He can enter their thoughts, effect their emotions and create punishing nightmares.

He will also defend you and all you love from any unknown enemies...You do not need to know who your enemies are, he will.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, and dreams.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His current vessel is a bead.

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