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Men's Sex God Spell - Most Powerful Sex, Passion and Attraction Spell


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Today we offer our 3X full  moon cast Essence Of Incubus Spell! Our essence spells are cast for those who want the benefits and gifts of a certain entity but do not want to keep one within their spirit family.

If you lack confidence, lack lovers and want to be a master of sex you have found the most powerful spell for you!

This spell was cast during a full moon night which makes magick stronger and manifest quicker. This casting is for a man who truly wants to be seen and thought of as a sex God! A BluJay original! 

This particular spell was cast to give the man wearing it the sexual allure and the ability to please their lover just like the Incubus.

A Incubus is a sexual, sexy lady magnet...Now the man wearing this pendant will also become the sexy lady magnet who can please any lover! 

This spell can help you find true love, please a current love or help you find willing sexual partners. It can help you become confident and very pleasing in the bedroom...You will be able to sweep women off their feet!

If you want to be noticed, to be desired, be sexually empowered and sexually pleasing you have found the spell for you.

During the casting we also added spell that enhances the outer appearance so those who see you see what you want them to see.

This is a full coven full moon 3X casting which is the most powerful we offer.

The pendant we used for this is an attractive masculine stone pendant that is dark brown color. It's about 2" in size and very nicely made. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!