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Meet Your Destined Familiar! Amazing Magick and Perfect Guardian!

Please place your name, and birthday here.


Up for your consideration is a very special offering for anyone who loves and is activity involved with the spirit and magickal world.


Today I offer you your destined match within a Familiar spirit. A Familiar spirit is a loyal companion who possess their own Magick and uses it either with or for their keeper. Your Familiar will know Magick and is able to use it at a moments notice.


A Familiar works as a blessed guardian and you can have him/her look after you, your home, your children, your pets and everything else you hold dear. They also make wonderful spy's who can pass on the thoughts of people who wish to harm or hinder your happiness. With a loyal Familiar in your life no ones secrets will be safe!


A Familiar will rarely take on a human form. They will manifest as any spirit type and this is normally a spirit of your choice. It will be a spirit that you are naturally drawn to.


You do not have to be of Magick to possess one of these blessed spirits. You only need to be a person open to Magick and willing accept the Magick that he/she brings.


Your Familiar will be a loyal lifelong companion that you will grow a close psychic connection to. You can communicate by telepathy and visions. Meditation can also be a vivid experience.


This is a offering of destiny so upon taking one into your life please email your name and birth sign so I can ensure a correct match.

The vessel will be a silver colored bead with crystals. The color of the crystal may vary, it depends on your match.


To the keeper I will send you the name of you new magickal companion as well as a simple bonding ritual. If you have any questions please feel free to email.


Thank you for looking!