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Mated Gryphon Pair * Bringers of Wealth Astral Travel Lucid Dreams and Personal Gain! Offered by Lily


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Today I am pleased to offer a mated male/female pair of Gryphons. Both are devoted, courageous and have wonderful personalities! The male is bold and enthusiastic, and the female has a doting and affectionate nature. 

In true form both are large with the hind bodies of muscular lions and the front bodies and wings of eagles. The male is a brilliant gold with dark brown wings and brown eyes and the female has a pale golden hind body, and her front is dove gray with black spots on her feathers. Her eyes are sky blue. 

Both communicate through dreams, emotions, pendulum, telepathy and meditation. They may manifest as streaks of light, soft breezes, soft crooning sounds and large shadows. 

Info on their race. 

Gryphons are extremely loving and devoted. 

They are fearless and devoted guardians. They banish evil spirits, deflects curses & hexes, warns their keeper of danger and can even banish negative people from your life. 

The Gryphon is a bringer of safe personal gain. This race helps attract wealth through safe ways that will bring no bad karma to you. Anything from a higher return on investments to finding your dream job! Even wearing their vessel at the casino can prove helpful. 

This race has a spiritual side and can help you in astral travel, lucid dreaming, traveling to other realms and safe inner eye opening. 

They are bound to the pendant pictured but are open to another vessel if you have a preference. 

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