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Masheba - The Perfect Familiar Will Cast Spells For or With You - Form A Coven Of Two!

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Today we offer a newly conjured female Masheba. She is ideal for anyone who keeps perfect magick, successful results, and complete devotion. She possesses the perfect Masheba abilities and energy...She will bring only the most positive of changes and she offers lifelong companionship.

Masheba's are the perfect familiars...They are excellent spell casters who will cast an array of personal spells...If you cast spells for yourself or family she can cast with you and together you two can create amazing results.

In true form he manifest as a large short haired sleek black cat. She has large brown eyes and can often be seen manifest as a cat shaped shadow, blue orbs, warm spits or touches, or as a soft tickles on your skin.

Her main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Casting spells on keeper’s behalf

~Providing protection for keeper

~Banishing Evil

~Boosting positive energy

~Works as Familiar and spy for keeper

~Increasing the power of spell work cast by you and for you

~Teaching and guiding you how to cast spells for your personal use.

She communicates best through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, lucid dreams, and meditation. 

Her current vessel is a bead.

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