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Male Werewolf - Exceptional Entity Ensures You Are Noticed and Respected - Be Loved, Admired, and Adored

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Today I offer a beautiful Female Werewolf who has been wonderful to work with.

She is a perfect protector...She will ensure you are safe! She shield you from evil entities, people, psychic attacts, and even curses.

In human form she resembles the photo I used...She is a beautiful women who is 6 tall. In wolf form she is a reddish brown color with a lean build. She will manifest most often as shadows, white orbs, and feel warm spots. She can shape-shift so he can alter her appearance to fit your taste.


About the Were


She will bless you with powerful sexual allure that people notice...You can find true love, win back old love, be remembered, and gain new friends...She will make you stand out in a positive light. 


She is an entity of great power and a great protector. She will make an excellent companion who is devoted to protecting you and if called for avenging you…She will never act in haste…But will wait for your command. The only time she will act without command is if the danger is unknown to you.


She can help enhance reflexes, allure, and natural senses.


She can help you achieve your ideal appearance, body, and even success.


She can help with animal communication. The keeper of a Werewolf will find they become more in tune with all animals. You may experience animal-like senses or have a telepathic connection to animals. You may be able to feel or sense what animals are thinking or feeling.


They can empower their keeper with attraction, youth, sensual energy and help draw people in which can greatly enhance anyone's social life.


She even has the ability to bring in good luck!


She can banish evil unbounds, offers curse removal, and protect your aura.


She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, and dreams.

Her current vessel is a bead.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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