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Male Werewolf - Enhances Keeper From The Inside Out - Enhanced Allure, Senses, and Reflexes.

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Today we offer a male Werewolf of amazing energy and magick...His ideal keeper will be someone who likes to interact with their entities...Also you should be a person who wishes to be enhanced from the inside to the outside.


He is most often seen in wolf form…He is massive, has black fur and golden brown eyes. Human form he looks to be about 25, has thick wavy black hair and stunning golden brown eyes. You will see shadows, hear him moving around and feel warm spots. This race can shape-shift so he manifest in a way you find more appealing.


About the Were


He is a magickal werewolf with great power and a great protector. He will make an excellent companion who is devoted to protecting you and if called for avenging you…He will never act in haste…But will wait for your command. The only time he will act without command is if the danger is unknown to you.


He is of positive energy and he will become your best and most loyal protector.


A werewolf is full of magick, honor and love when it comes to the person they serve. They keep a positive flow of wonderful energy around you. They are extremely personable and enjoy interaction with people. They possess the gift of animal telepathy and they can share these thoughts with you.  This allows for clear animal communication and a deeper bond between human and animal.

The keeper of a Werewolf will find they become more in tune with all animals. You may experience animal like senses or have a telepathic connection to animals. You may be able to feel or sense what animals are thinking or feeling.


They can empower their keeper with attraction, youth, sensual energy and help draw people in which can great enhance any someone’s social life.

You can truly be enhanced with clear and sharper senses as well as reflexes. 

You can also possess a natural sexual allure.


He communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, visions, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a basic silver colored ring with a small flower. It's a size 6 1/2 and in good condition.

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