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Male Volkh - Evil Hunter Offers Perfect Protection ! Complete Aura Repair, Spiritual Cleansing, and More


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Today we are excited to offer a newly conjured male Volkh!

He is a wise and watchful entity who will miss nothing...He will oversee your happiness and safety.

He is a shapeshifter and can appear in any form to his keeper. He has manifested as a large canine like creature but can alter it to fit your taste.

Here is what he offers his keeper:

~Deflection of curses and hexes

~Banishment of evil unbounds

~Cleansing of spiritual bodies

~Boosting of energy

~Positivity Amplifying

~Breaking curses cast against you

~Driving evil people away

Volkhs tend to only communicate when there is a need. When he communicates, it will be through emotions, pendulum, meditation and lucid dreams.

His current vessel is a bead.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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