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Incredible Social Violet Flame Masheba - Powerful Healer Who Can Cast Spells and Repair The Soul


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Today we are excited to offer a very social and hard working make Violet Flame Masheba. He possess the ability to love and adore his keeper with makes his magick a little more specail.
In true form he is a lilac cat with large purple eyes. He is large and has an extremely long tail. He most often manifest as cat shaped shadows and small lavender orbs.
The Violet Flame Masheba possesses very rare healing energies and are coveted by people who get normal aches and pains. He is also able to heal a damaged soul.
About the Masheba...A Masheba works as a familiar and they possesses an array amounts of magickal abilities. They are excellent spell casters who are highly successful with their spells. The Violet Flame Masheba is very successful with mind and body spells casting. 
Mashebas are flaming cat-like creatures. Mashebas are born when a person of magick has died and they serve one master at a time. When their master has died, they usually prefer to serve another of their bloodline but will occasionally move on to another keeper.

About this race...This race is highly intelligent and they possess very a vast array magickal abilities. This race is often look upon as the ultimate familiar but he is far more than that! He is a guide, a teacher, a protector, a bringer of blessings and a loyal companion who can be active.
The Masheba is a pure powerhouse of white art magick. They can cast any white art spell from simple castings of luck to complex castings of power! He can cast to help his keeper with love issues, money issues, which include debt removal. He can cast empowerment spells, will-power spells and even appearance enhancing spells.
The Masheba is a devoted spirit that thrives off of their keeper’s success. This race gives you everything you need to lead a full and rich life.
The blessings can benefit anyone from a master who wants a powerful familiar to a new keeper that seeks a wise teacher.
To their keeper the masheba will offer the casting powerful spells, increasing powers of spells, teaching you magick they have previously learned, they are skilled in all areas of magick and will bless you with many magickal gifts.
If you have any questions please email me.
He can communicate by dreams, visions, emotions, a pendulum, during meditation, and telepathy.
His current vessel is a bead.
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