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Male Tuatha De Danann Fae - Brings Exciting Active Social Life! Creative inspiration, Wisdom, Intelligence, Knowledge

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Today we a rather rare Male Tuatha De Danann Fae.

He is perfect for anyone who wishes me to meet new people, find love, and be admire. He can create a very active and exciting social life. 

He is able to boost to your intelligence and wit...You will soon be able to outsmart anyone!

He is able to help overcome fear, gain new confidence, and be in control.

He can shape-shift so he many manifest as an array of things...You may see animals, a handsome Fae or even a mix of the two. He will most often manifest as shimmering white orbs and the scent of fresh herbs or flowers.

About this race...The Tuatha De Danann fae is a race of Irish Fae that have a direct connection to the Goddess Danu. They bring with them creative inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and an abundance of other blessings. She can help promote wit, intelligence, learning abilities, and sharper mind.

This race is excellent for anyone who is a writer or in school. They can improve memory, intelligence, creativity and concentration.

He promotes positive feelings, positive thoughts, and removes negativity.

He can help his keeper blossom into a confident person who is respected and admired. His keeper may also find they become witty, popular, a magnet for good people.

If you seek friends he will help you make them. People will be naturally drawn to you, they will be kind to you and be respectful. He can make anyone have a active social life.

If you are ready to settle down and be with your soulmate he will help you find your forever person. 

If you have any questions please email me.

He communicates by emotions, during mediation, visions, a pendulum, lucid dreams, and telepathy. 

His current vessel is a bead.

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