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Female Tornak Tracks Down Evil and Destroys It! Evil Hunter Tracker and Destroyed


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Today we offer a newly conjured female Tornak...This race is known evil hunter!

This race work as trackers and will banish evil that is near you...They are always watching, protecting, and tending to their keeper's safety.

Tornaks rarely manifest as any form...They like to put all their energy into their magickal abilities. However you may see faint shadows or glowing wisps of light.

About the Tornak....This race is ideal for anyone who wants to be protected from evil...Any form of evil, psychic attracts, energy drainers and curses will be banished from your life. This race also offers spirit and entity protection...This wonderful gift of protection will allow them to grant wishes faster!

Tornaks are well known for guarding their keeper against the following things: blujay76

~Curses and hexes—they deflect them back onto their original sender! 

~Banish Evil people


~Bad luck

~Remove and banish negative forces

~Banish Unbounds

~Psychic attacks


She will mainly communicate when danger is near...He  will reach you through dreams, visions, emotions, telepathy, and even a pendulum.

If you have any questions please email me.

Her current vessel is a silver and black ring that is a size that is a size 9 1/2.

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