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Male Salia - Attracts Good Luck, Luxury, and Wealth - Spirit and Emotional Healing


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Today we offer a male Salia...He is bursting with energy and life altering magick...He will spoil his keeper completely and do just about anything to see you are happy.

In his true form he manifests as a dragon-like creature with transparent wings, a light purple body and dark brown eyes. He is similar to a small dragon in his true form. He will most often manifest as mists, blue orbs, and whistling or chirping sounds.

His main abilities include:

~Removing negative forces

~Providing spiritual and emotional healing

~Attracting opportunities

~Bringing in money, good luck, and luxury.

~Removing negative blocks

~Promoting life renewal

He communicates best through emotions, pendulum, and lucid dreams. 

If you have any questions please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel bead.

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