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Male Ridanrius Elf - Fierce and Determined Protector - Devoted Companion


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Today I offer the Ridanrius Elf...He will be a special treat for any lover of Elves!

He is proudly offered from my personal collection. He was custom conjured by me, for me several years ago. He was conjured to be very powerful, friendly and highly skilled in all his natural abilities. 

He is a very kind and generous elf who often manifest as minty green orbs and shadows.

He is a level 7 Elf and he is very excited to be offered today!

Their specialty is defeating enemies and punishing vengeance to those who need it. Enemies of his keeper should beware and they should start to treat you with respect. If they do not this elf can torment them in anyway you see fit.

You will be protected from evil entities, negative energy, curses and bad people. Only positive life enhancing blessings will be allowed into your life.

He will protect your spirit family, he will consider them his family. He will be very watchful of the younger entities so that they can blossom into the best entity they can be.

While not overseeing your safety he makes a great companion. He is rather friendly, enjoys spending time with his keeper and if given the chance he will try to teach you anything you want to learn. He can improve your energy, restore passion and enthusiasm for life.

He will give you a feeling of safety and comfort so that you can concentrate on the good while forgetting worry and stress.

He communicates using telepathy, emotions, pendulum, dreams and during meditation.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His vessel is a silver colored bead with a enamel light blue color traced around it.

Thank you for looking!