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Female Masheba ~ Ultimate Familiar Spirit - Teaches and Guides Keeper On Their Magickal and Spiritual Path


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Up for your consideration is wise, patient, and highly intelligent female Masheba. She is perfect for anyone who seeks to grow as a spirit keeper...She can help you master spirit communication, understanding, and bonding...She can also help you cast spells for your personal use. 

In true form she manifest as stunning long haired orange cat, with green eyes, large pointy ears, and a long fluffy tail that curls. She often manifest as floral scents, glowing orbs, and cat shaped shadows.

These are not common spirits among keepers as they are born at the death of a sage and will only rarely seek a new keeper. My coven and I are always seeking Mashebas to offer...They are truly divine.

What you can expect you masheba to be is a powerful guide and familiar-like spirit. She is ancient and has served many powerful keepers so she is proficient in all areas of magick. She will teach you crafts long forgotten and share magickal knowledge that most will never be blessed with.

She can cast any kind of powerful spell on you behalf. Anything from love, beauty, success, wealth, cleansing, protection, revenge, happiness..... If it is possible to cast a spell for it he can cast it!

You will be guided in casting your powerful spells too. She will share his energy and knowledge with you so that every spell you cast will be successful and will manifest quickly with great results! She also has the power to up the level of your spells by two whole levels. She can unweave and reweave spell work to rejuvenate it and make it even stronger.

Asides from teaching you powerful spells and increasing spell level she can also help your spirits to grow and better serve you. She can teach them new types of magick and help them finely tune their current abilities. Watch you and spirits begin to grow when we enters your life!

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, during meditation, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a lovely silver colored ring with a faux turquoise stone. It's a size 8 1/2 and in excellent condition. 

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