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Male or Female Level 2 Raffin



Today I am offering level 2 Raffins at a record low price. You will never find a guardian more affordable than these! You have the choice between male or female. They are being offered separately.

$5.00 Bindings do NOT qualify for any store coupon or our reseller program. These deals are for our personal clients only. Please note unless a full reading is bought we give no info other then name. 

A Raffin is an extremely skilled white arts guardian. They have a somewhat odd appearance.


The Raffin is among the most gifted of white art guardians. He or she will always be on guard and will never takes shortcuts when it comes to your safety. Raffins have the ability to predict dangerous events before they happen. You will be warned of dangerous events and negative situations… She is a rarity that ensures your safety!


Your new Raffin will read true nature of any person around you.  With him or her by your side, you will know and understand the thoughts, feelings and plans of all around you to you. She gives you the opportunity to decide who to trust, and you can even use this new knowledge to your advantage.


Raffins are exceptionally talented at casting spells of protection. He or she will place powerful protective measures around you, your home, and people in your home… Leven is a wonderful entity that cares deeply for your safety and happiness. A trusted Raffin can prevent accidents, loss, sorrow, psychic attacks, other spiritual attacks, and all other harms.


All $5 bindings will come bound in a stone unless otherwise specified. Protection Status