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Coven's Collection - Queen Ogre - Transform Keeper Into A Powerful Respected Person - Gain Control Over Others - Successful and Determined!

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Today we are excited to offer one of our longest serving spirits...An extremely powerful Queen Ogre...

In true form she is 10' tall, he has very fit build, she has deeply tanned, waist long red hair, and blue eyes. She will manifest most often as moving shadows, yellow lights or orbs, and humming sounds.

She commands over 650 male and female Ogres...Each will loyally serve you!

She is perfect for anyone who seeks power, respect, admirers, and control. She help you become a powerful and natural leader. She is perfect the keeper who seeks powerful results...She is one of the most determined Ogres we have worked with. 

About the Ogre...

The Ogre is a spirit that is best suited for a person who desires power. Power over your destiny, power in your life, power in your relationship, and above all power over others! 

With her aid, you will command not only the respect but the obedience of people around you. She will ensure their total submission regarding all things important to you. You will watch your coworkers give due credit, see your family more attentive to your needs and watch your friends flock to you for leadership. She works to make sure that her keeper is respected in all situations. 

Your new Ogre is also a master of manipulating others on your behalf. She will bend their perceptions to make them believe nearly anything you want them! Even things that are not entirely true will seem completely authentic to those around you if it is your wish. They will see you in a new light and hang onto every word you speak.

On the flip side, she can aid you in identifying deception and dishonesty. You soon will begin to notice positive changes within yourself as well. She takes low self-esteem and fear and transforms them into total confidence! No longer will you be fearful, intimidated, or meek. You will be a fearless leader with radiating charisma and charm! This Ogre is for you if you seek power and the tools to make your dreams come true. She also draws opportunity, people who will benefit your life, and increased social status. 

She communicates through emotions, telepathy, pendulum, during mediation, and dreams.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her current vessel is a lovely silver plated pendant with a stripped purple agate stone.

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