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Male Masali - Melanesian Spirit Gives Keeper Sexual Powers, Sexual Allure Find Love or Return Old Love - Coven's Collection


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Today we offer Masali spirit who has been apart of our personal collection for over 10 years...She is an extremely talented Masali who is determined to meet her all her keepers needs...Failing her keeper is not an option.

He will manifest as a stunning red fox with large dark eyes...He is beautiful! He manifest most often as darting shadows, colorful orbs, and floral scents.

These are very special spirits. In life they were an animal favored by an ancient Melanesian practitioner, after the animal died the practitioner gifted him or her with special powers. 

He can gift keeper with sexual powers and sexual allure.

The magick that your Masali has is unique and powerful.... He has many blessings to offer his new keeper!

One of the gifts he offers his keeper is aid in attracting love. If you have been searching for your soul mate but have had no luck he will guide you straight into his/her arms!

Or if you have already met the one, or are not quite ready to yet, he can help you attract lovers and aid you in seducing them. He will give surround you with a deeply sexual energy that will pull people to you. Your natural appearance will be enhanced by him and he automatically fills those you wish with lust..... You will be both noticed and desired!

Your lover or lovers will think you are the greatest lover that they have known, you will be better able to understand their desires and fulfill them.... And if your lover is open he can teach them how to please you as well!


He ignites passion. You and your partner will be instilled with lust and he can make either you want sex more often while making it more enjoyable. Even relationships with burned out passion will soar with sexual desire for each other, it will be like falling all over again! He will bless new relationships with great luck and deep passion.

He also offers his keeper great protection and unlimited affection!

He can communicate by emotions, visions, pendulum, lucid dreams, telepathy, and during meditation.

His current vessel is a nicely made pendant.

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