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Male Kresnik - Lily's Personal Hunter Of Evil, Curse Breaker and Lucid Dreamer Gifts

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Today my coven and I are proud to offer a a lever 7 Kresnik. He is proudly offered from Lily's personal collection.

The Kresnik are brilliant shapeshifters who can appear to their keeper in most any form. Normally it's a form that pleases their keeper. This ability also gives his a powerful advantage when it comes to your safety! His ability to shape-shift means that he can slip undetected into the lives of your enemies. This ability can be used to your advantage in a variety of ways. How he manifest to you will vary according to your taste. He can also manifest as any animal but is normally a bird or small mammal. 

The Kresnik is a hunter of who evil.  requires very little bonding, care or even offerings...Most keeper's just leave the vessel in their home 24/7...

In life, the Kresnik hunted evil and as a spirit he hunt it still. His mission is still to protect the innocent. 


The Kresnik was born with the sole purpose of protecting their community against evil. He will fight unbound demons, evil unbounds, black magick and all other things that wish to harm you.


He can cause havoc and chaos in the lives of your enemies, stop them in their tracks from doing evil, bind them from casting against you, manipulate their thoughts to your benefit and so much more. It is not just your enemies he can affect; her gifts can be used to benefit loved ones to! He can make powerful and helpful suggestions to help lead them on the right path!


Your new Kresnik is a superb guardian. He can spot a threat from a mile away and will act quickly to remove it! He can banish unbounds, remove spirits sent to attack you, break and deflect all curses and hexes, shield you from the evil eye, protect your mind, guard your spiritual bodies and so much more.


Other things this race can do is aid in animal communication, cleanse spiritual bodies, dispel negative influence, promote lucid dreaming and give advice in most areas of life.


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He can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, sounds, temp changes, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a metal bead with black rhinestones.

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