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Active Female Hippogriff - Playful and Powerful Wish Granter - Beauty and Love Magick!

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Today we offer a remarkably kind and active female Hippogriff.

In her true form she has the front legs, chest, head, and wings of a large eagle with gold eyes, and the rear end of a white horse. She is most often seen manifesting is as shadows and a faint whistling sound.

Her ideal for any keeper who seeks positive changes, all around happiness, and an interactive companion.

She offers the following.

~Attracting love

~Aiding keeper in reaching goals

~Casting beauty magick

~Improving love life

~Offering protection

~Attracting wealth

~Granting wishes

She communicates best through emotions, pendulum, meditation and visions during meditation. 

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her current vessel is a nicely made pendant.

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