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Male High Elf - Creativity, Memory, and Wit - He Guides Dragon's To Greatness!


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This wonderful and magickal High Elf seeks his keeper...He is an amazing elf who is kind, hard-working, and interactive.

In true form he is about 5’8” tall, has short white hair, lightly tanned skin, green eyes and looks to be 30 years old. His new keeper is most likely to him manifest as orbs, cool spots and may even feel slight touches.

He is very hard working and possesses great energy…He can pass this energy to his keeper so that they have more energy, feel more positive and even become happier.

This race offers a lot of great magick.

He loves dragons…If her keeper is a keeper of dragon he will bring out the best in them and form a great friendship with them. On walks his keeper may experience chance encounters with dragons…They are drawn to the high elf.

A better alertness, clearer thinking, sharper wit, wisdom, creativity, protection, and companionship. Intelligence can be boosted, memory can be enhanced learning abilities.

They can boost your energy, increase your happiness, aid you in thinking positive and give better knowledge and wisdom about the spirits, especially dragons!

They are skilled with magick and can cast nearly any helpful spell on your behalf.   

His best means of communication are telepathy, emotions, visions, a pendulum and through meditation.

If you have any questions please email me at His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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