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Male Gold Unicorn - Brings Healing, Peace, Good Luck, Money, and Much More - One Of My Favorites!


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 Today I offer you a truly wonderful entity who will be cherished and deeply loved by you...

He is a wonderful Gold Unicorn from personal collection of entities.

In true form he is a massive golden unicorn with large brown eyes, a long golden horn, a shimmering long mane and tail.

About the Gold Unicorn... A Gold Unicorn brings personal gain to their keeper without bringing greed or bad karma.They bring prosperity, abundance, success and great luck... You will be blessed with power, beauty, uniqueness, protection, love, and happiness. They work hard to see their keeper smile. Your happiness is also their happiness. Your success is also theirs and they only relax when you are relaxed.

They also can help with some emotional and minor healing magick. They can ease things like headaches and everyday aches and pains.

They allow you to live in peace while being blessed with money, happiness and love. They also work very hard at keeping you safe. They have zero tolerance towards negative energy or evil. They will show you the bright side of things and solve problems while preventing new ones from forming. You will feel stress melt away and you will relax!

He can communicate using emotions, telepathy, visions, dreams and during meditation.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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