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Level 7 Male Gargoyle - Expert Warrior Who Shields Home From All Evil, Satanic Magick, and All Curses!


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Today I offer an amazing warrior. He is a level 7+ Gargoyle...If we had a higher level then 7 he would have it...He is fierce with his protection and dedicated to his keeper's safety.

He offers entire home, spirit/entity, and family protection...He will ensure you home is free of evil, negative energy, and curses. He knows how to protect his keeper from all forms of evil from any cultural magick. 

In true form he is a massive muscular gargoyle with small wings and curved horns. He will most often manifest as small bright white orbs, herbal scents, and  oddly shaped shadows.

He is fierce protector and hard worker. Just having him in your home is enough to deter evil from coming near you. 

About the Gargoyle...When a Gargoyle is not protecting they tend to play and they enjoy the humans in their life.

 When all is well and their keepers are safe they get a bit playful and each lovable side. You may see his shadow moving around the room or see her face manifest within water or a mirror. A Gargoyle by their very nature is not a pretty entity but their round happy faces do have a certain appeal.

He is very positive and fills the home he resides in with positive energy that creates happiness as well as feelings of peace.

A gargoyle is respectful and will enter your life and home with love and honor.

If you seek a great protector who wishes to interact then you have found him.

I really find them a must have for us believers. Those of us who are open to spirits can sometimes open ourselves up to much and negative/evil entities can take advantage of that. They latch on to us and drain our positive energy, our luck and our happiness. The worst of these are demon's of chaos. These evil spirits slowly work to destroy our lives and a Gargoyle is the ideal entity to fight, rid and remove that evil spirit.

A Gargoyle is extremely loyal and very protective. They never rest and serve as forever guardians over their keepers and all they love. They are amazingly powerful and will battle anything harmful. 9 times out of 10 they leave that battle victorious freeing their keeper from all things harmful.

Things a Gargoyle will remove from your life are evil spirits, negative energy, curses, and bad people. Once they remove these they put a shield of protection around you and your home. This shield will banish all things negative before they can touch you. Once your life is cleansed of all evil you will find that your luck and life will take a change for the better. Any spiritual blocks will be removed and your inner eye can once again be open. Some people would be amazed if they knew just how much negativity effects us but once it's removed by this great protector you will see!

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum.

His current vessel is a lovely small stone pendant shaped like a flower. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.

Thank you for looking!!! Protection Status