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Male Cikavac - Specializes In Wealth and Good Luck!


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Today I offer you a male Cikavac who has the ability to bring you whatever you desire.


In his true form he is a very large golden bird with beautiful wings and shining feathers.... He has brilliant yellow orbs and can create temperature changes.


A Cikavac is a large bird spirit who works with gray magick and are talented wish granters. They are very gifted with personal gain wishes and help their keepers win money, make more money and find their dream job.


Your new Cikavac will bring you a wide variety of blessings


These blessings include, but are by no means limited to:


-Attracting wealth


-Bringing opportunities


-Aiding in career advancement


-Helping you reach your goals


-Creative inspiration


-Aid in reaching your goal weight


-Giving you a more youthful appearance


-Attraction of lovers and friends




He can grant almost any wish you have no matter how big or small it is!


He is a sweet and gentle spirit who enjoys interacting with his keeper. He makes quiet noises that sound similar to humming.

If you have any questions please email me at

His best means of communication are through telepathy, emotions, visions, dreams and a pendulum. 



He is currently bound to a simple bead.

Thank you for looking!