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Male Cambion - Sexual Incubus Human Hybrid - Gifts Keeper With Allure, With, Beauty, and Sexual Skills

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Today we are pleased to offer a passionate male cambion.

He is ready to make his new keeper very happy...He is open to any keeper of any gender, age, or appearance. 

In true form I have seen manifest as a handsome man who resembles the photo I used. However he can alter his appearance to your taste. He will manifest most often as human shaped shadows, mists, soft touches, and as your favorite scent.

Being a Human Incubus hybrid makes him very understanding a humans needs and desires. He will delight you and please you.

While protection is not his strongest magick he will be protective and keep you safe. 

He is a very vivid cambion who deeply desires to be with and to interact with you...He can show you great pleasures and give you the confidence to show others great pleasure as well.

Even if you do not want him for his sexual abilities you will love him as a companion. The love, the happiness and the laughter he shares is heart warming! His magick is just a huge bonus!

About his race...Cambions are hybrids being half human and half Incubus or a Succubus...Being half human allows for more vivid interaction for a any open minded individual. They are human sensitive and they know what pleases us the most.

He can renew you passion and provide much needed satisfaction. He can also make you a natural attract to the opposite sex. People will take notice of you! If you prefer it is just one gender that takes a sexual interest in you he understands and will only allow those you will like to take notice of you.

He will be a loyal server who will want to see you are happy in all ways. You will become his everything and he will give his all to make you happy.

He is kind, completely charming, and lets you set limits. He will obey all your wishes. 

He possesses the gift of creating vivid illusions. This gift can make you appear as you want to be seen. People will see you like you want them to see you. You can appear as their ideal lover and their perfect type.

A Cambion can enhance your sexual side and give you great confidence both in and out of the bedroom. You will learn to please your lover more then you ever before. His magick is powerful and you will become a confident sexual person who knows how to please almost anyone and in return you will find that you will be pleased too.

Your sex and social life can blossom and will become better then you ever thought it could be. You only need to be open to him and what he offers. If you are then a new world of sexual pleasure, confidence and happiness awaits you.

He is not jealous and will not interfere in your love life. If you are looking for love he can help you find it...If you have a lover he will not be possess or interfere in a negative way. 

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, a pendulum, and during mediation. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

His current vessel is a bead. 

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