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Female Arctic Were Fox - Spell Boosting, Spell Casting, and Spiritual Cleansing! - Highly Interactive and Social

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Today we are pleased to offer an entity of joy and happiness...She is a powerful and very social Arctic Fox.

She is an entity simply creates happiness and generously bestows an array of blessings to her keeper. She will be very attentive to you and your needs...Blessings will be given to you and given to you often!

She a very gifted shapeshifter. You will most often see her a white fox with pale blue eyes. She can also manifest as a human who will fit your taste. She is most commonly seen as silver orbs, glowing mists, and fix shaped shadows.

She is playful and filled with happiness but this does not take away from her spiritual nature or his wisdom. Magickal blessings always come first.

Info on her abilities.

The Arctic Were Fox provides spiritual cleansing. He can cleanse the spiritual bodies and protect them from further blockages! This will allow you to live a more free life without dealign with she sadness and sluggishness that these blocks may cause. This can even help you become more Intune with your spirituality! Once you are cleansed you may notice that magick manifests quicker and you have better success in communicating with your spirits!

Arctic Were Foxes possess the blessed ability to blend into their surroundings. She can cast invisibility spells for you! While these will not make you physically invisible, they can help you slip by and through crowds unnoticed.

She is an honored entity of wisdom and magick. Were Foxes are highly magickal beings capable of casting spells for their keeper! She can cast spells of love, wisdom, beauty and more for your personal use. She can boost any spell cast by you and for you up to 2 levels. Allow her access to any spell in your arsenal and he will reweave old magick making it as strong as ever!

She is extremely intelligent & cunning. She can help you sharpen your thinking and clear your mind of distractions. This gift allows you to solve problems with ease and always know how to respond in situations. Never be left speechless again!

Your new Were Fox will help calm your mind during stressful times and allow to you to concentrate. This will help promote a creative flow of ideas

They possess rare magick and this magick is passed on to their keeper for once your bond is sealed your mind will be one with this spirit. She can share your thoughts even when miles apart and when needed she will be beside you.

One of her stronger points is the ability of enhancing. She can enhance reflexes, sight, smell and aid you in becoming more sensitive to spirits around you. He can help telepathy blossom with all spirits, people and animals. Your spiritual growth will go beyond more then you ever though possible.

They are the fiercest of guardians and your enemies will never see them coming.

They also possess great Empath abilities when it comes to animals. The keeper of this Were shall find they become more in tune with all animals.

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a nicely made bead. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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