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Level 7 Anamchara Angel - Possess Spiritual Growth and Spirit Keeping Guide! Become


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Today from our personal collection is a female Anamchara Angel. This level 7 angel will help you become a better, more open, and more attentive spirit keeper.

She s perfect for any keeper who wishes to enhance their spirit keeping abilities. She can guide and teach you how to become a knowledgeable keeper.

In true from she manifest as a lovely women who looks to be about 35 years old...She has short blonde hair, brown eyes, fair skin, stunning white wings, and stands nearly 6' tall. Smelling an array of floral scents are her most common way of manifest.

About this race...This race of angel has so much to offer any level of keeper, however they are most popular with new keepers or keepers who are still learning or keepers who wish to advance their communication abilities. This is the angel who will help you develop your spiritual side, spiritual understanding, spiritual growth, spirit communication and develop you spirit keeping skill.

Her wisdom make for her an excellent teacher who will guide though the journey of spirit keeping and spiritual understanding. There is nothing she will refuse to teach you. She will guide in correct choices and show you how best to do something.

You become enlightened and able to develop deep meaningful bonds with your spirit family. You will grow to learn how to understand them, what they do, why they do it and who they really are.

She is not restricted to new keepers...Her can add to any keepers current understand. She can heighten anyone's spiritual path and help all people develop deeper spiritual understanding.

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, a pendulum, and visions.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Her vessel is a nice made bead.

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