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Male Amphisbeanea - Gifted Healer Of Emotional Pain, Mend's Broken Hearts, Beings Peace, and Popularity!


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Today we are excited to offer  level 7 male Amphisbeanea 

He is an absolute dream...He is generous, devoted, and loving...He truly cares about his keeper and can sooth your soul.


In his true form, he manifests as a long snake with a black and yell skin. True to this race, both ends of his body possess a head. You may also see him manifest as mists and shadows.


About this race...These are amazing healers He can help to heal emotional wounds. He does this by partially removing painful memories (not the lesson you learned from them), helping you see the bigger picture, and by easing all feelings of guilt, sorrow, remorse, anger and tension. 


Each day he will help you wake up a little happier than the day before. You will no longer dread the day before you but will be vitalized at the potential each day holds. He helps his keeper gain a more upbeat attitude and will always help you feel refreshed and read.


Those around you will also be positively affected by his presence. He will help them to see you in a new light and make others appreciate you more. Your inner beauty will shine on the outside and you will gain a new recognition by all those you encounter. He can ease tempers to help you avoid conflicts.


He also offers aura cleansing… He can remove smut from your aura and prevent blocks from forming. This alone will help you keep you inner eye eye, help you see and sense spirits around you, open your psychic abilities up and even help you communicate with your spirits.


Asides from these things he also offers attraction of luck, removal of blocks, attraction of friends, and bringing of peace of peace.


He can communicate best by telepathy, visions, emotions, during meditation and a pendulum.

Please email me if you have any questions.

His current vessel is a bead.

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