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Make Your House a Home - Complete Home Blessing & Protection

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This is a WA spell for a complete home blessing!


This is ideal if you are moving into a new home, have recently experienced bouts of negativity in your new home, are “spring cleaning” or simply wish to have your home protected and free of negative energy!


This is a simple spell custom spell that is completed quickly. We cast this for our family members before they move into a new home, and do this for ourselves at least once a year!


It is an effective spell that removes any negative residual energy, dispels new negative energy, and protects your home from spiritual evil and negativity.


Moving and house cleaning is always stressful… This offering helps take some of the pressure off of you!


This is also perfect for the home that has recently had its members experience tragedy, anger, sadness or other negative occurrences.


For this casting, all we need is the address of the home. 

Please note that nothing is shipped with this offering. Protection Status