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Magickal Chinese Star Anise ~ Prevents Bad Luck & Misfortune - Wards Away Nightmares - Fresh Batch!


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Today we are pleased to offer you highly magickal Star Anise! You will receive at least 3 pods of magickally enhanced Chinese Star Anise.

Chinese Star Anise is abundant in magickal properties. One of the most potent and beneficial blessings Chinese Star Anise brings to you is the prevention of misfortune and bad luck! Carry it with you to protect you from misfortunate on your travels. Bury it in your front yard or in a flower pot in your home to protect your entire home from bad luck!

Place this magickal herb under your pillow to promote prophetic dreams and prevent nightmares.

Set Chinese Star Anise on your altar to cleanse it of negative energies and boost the magick surrounding it.

Burn it in a fire-safe dish during meditation to help open the inner eye.

This also makes an excellent offering for psychic spirits, djinn, and dark fae.

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