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Magickal Candle - Seals A Bond, Promotes Communication and Give As Offering


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Today we offer one of our best and most useful spelled candles..

This candle is made and then spelled by my entire coven to help promote spirit communication and we added bonding. When used spirit communication can become more vivid, more accurate and easier to understand. It can also help us build deeper, quicker bonds with all of our spirits and entities.

Good times to use this will be during bonding, during meditation, bonding or even a pendulum session. Whatever your preferred way of spirit communication burn a cone!

These also work well as offerings and can be given as often as you like. Using as an daily, bi-weekly or weekly offering can help enhance spirit communication on a whole and not just during sessions!

These candles are never made in haste. These are handmade with care, correct herbs, and scents that naturally boost communication/bonding. 

You will receive one dark blue votive candle that smells excellent!

International clients...Please only two candles per order. If you wish to order more then two please email for shipping cost.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!