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Magick-Enhanced Brick Dust to Protect the Entire Home! VooDoo Magick


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Red Brick Dust is often used to line the doorways and windows of home to keep out negative energy, curses, hexes, and evil spirits. It is especially strong in preventing VooDoo curses from entering your home!

Today VooDoo Sabine is offering you magickally enhanced brick dust. This brick dust has been spelled by the Queen herself to maximize results. 

All you need to do is sprinkle a thin line of this dust along all entrances of your home and it will

Block evil spirits and entities from your home

Ensure that all negativity attached to a person are left outside the home 

Prevent curses and hexes from entering your home 

Prevent bound spirits from slipping into your home when they are serving as spies 

Protect you from psychic attacks while in your home 

Deter harmful people from entering your home 

And more

This spell keeps you safe from all evil! 

We will send you one ounce of the red brick dust. Please note depending on the size of your home you may need more than one ounce. 

This cannot be offered as a direct casting as the enhanced magickal properties are within the brick dust. Protection Status