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Lucid Dream Spell Cast Stone - Connect With Spirits, Find Truths, Visit Other Realms



Today we offer a 3X cast full coven Lucid Dream Spell...

Lucid Dreaming can bring about many wonderful and exciting things. Lucid dreaming can connect us with other worlds, help us have in-depth communication with all spirits and entities...A lucid dream can provide us with the truth, with answers, the future and allow us to have vivid contact with astral beings.

This spell will go to work instantly...It will cleanse and remove any negativity that is holding you back or blocking dreams. Once any negative energies have been removed you be on the path to have some of best, most vivid lucid dreams!

We have cast this spell this on both polished stone or a glass bead. At checkout please let us know what you prefer...We will also send a storage bag.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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