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Lost Spirit Vessel? We Will Recall, Rebind & Send Them to You! Have Your Beloved Spirit Back With You Quickly **UPDATED**

What is your spirit's name and race?


It is very easy to misplace one of our beloved spirit’s vessels… Which is why we have decided to offer a new service to spirit keepers!

Our bindings are unique...The only people who can locate our bindings and of our conjured entities are us...No other practitioner can attempt to locate our bindings. If they do, what they bring you may be an imposter....Please only seek out us for locate missing entities or spirits you got from us.  

This summoning and rebinding quickly recalls and rebinds spirits that have been lost, misplaced, or even stolen...If someone stole a spirit please send us a note...We will summon back the spirit and null the vessel, which leaves some well due karma for thievery. 

No matter where or how long they have been missing we will locate them and get them back! Once back we give them a new vessel, add recharging, cleansing, and boosting, and ship them back to you.


We will quickly recall your spirit and bind him or her to a new vessel! All we need from you is the name and race of the spirit you would like us to recall.

We only recall spirits or entities that came from our store and have our bindings. 


You can choose what vessel type you would prefer above. Please allow us a couple extra days to complete the recalling and rebinding of your spirit.


Please email me if you have any questions!

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