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Lily's Jann Djinn - Generous & Skillful Granter of Wishes


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Today Lily offers a female Jann Djinn. She is 14,219 years old. 

Lily has found her to be a generous and skillful granter of wishes. She is rather personable and will prefer working with a keeper who desires a close bond. 

In true form she is very youthful with deeply tanned skin,bright green and long black hair. She mostly manifests as temperature changes, humming sounds and a pale golden orb. 

She is very powerful Djinn who is pure of heart and is great for any level of keeper. She is very easy to work with and always wants to please you.

She has mastered all forms of magick which makes her a amazing wish granter.

What she can bring his keeper is many life enhancing blessings. She has vast magickal abilities and you can be blessed with guidance, happiness, love, success, popularity, enhanced psychic abilities, good health, inner/outer beauty, protection, confidence, empowerment, control, empathic abilities, wit and a positive outlook. 

She is a believer Djinn who will enter your life with great love and respect. 

She the perfect mix of companionship and awesome magickal abilities!

Her vessel is a lovely stone bracelet. It is stretchy & durable and will fit most any size wrist. Protection Status