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Level 7 Zimada - Powerful, Complete, and Quickest Soul Retrieval - Male or Female



We are working very hard towards keeping these in stock. 

Today we are please to offer you your choice of a male or a female Zimada. 

He/she will quickly make you whole...

This race rarely manifest as anything other then shadow but at times they can be seen as human. How they manifest will be according to your preference. 

This race is perfect for anyone who feels like they are missing something in their life. He/she can make you whole and help you feel new.

Each is ready to repair, fix and make you feel complete. A Zimada that holds the power to retrieve and repair the human soul! They can find, bring back and heal us. They can make you feel whole, complete and happy again. You can be complete just like we were when we first entered this world.

A Zimada believes it an honor to help bring us back what we lost. Each understands how important their job is and they takes pride in the fact that he/she can do it fast and safe.

Here is info about his race and what they do! Sadly part of our souls do get damaged or lost. Normally this is caused by a horrific life event or even during times of great sadness. A piece of us will stay behind even know our bodies have left. This can leave us emotionally drained, physically drained and even lost or empty feeling.

This Zimada will bring your souls piece back to you. Not one part will be left behind. You can become 100% again. Life can be happy, peaceful and complete. You can move on, get over your past, heal your soul and enjoy life to the fullest.

Soul retrieval has been done by humans for many many years. People need to seek out humans of great magickal abilities to do this. This is a long, time consuming and often pricey healing work. The Zimada is faster, better and far less money.

A Zimada will guard you soul so that you will not lose even the smallest piece of it. This race should not be confused with a Sin-Eater. While a Sin-Eater takes away and wipes sin away they do not bring back part of you that are lost. Unlike a Sin-Eater a Zimada has a personality and will interact with their keeper. They bond with us and can become an active positive family member.

Their best means of communication are visions, emotion, feelings and telepathy.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

The vessel is a pendant that may vary in color.

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